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The printed circuit board, or PCB, represents the very core of any electronic circuit, it is responsible for the electrical connection between the components and the interfacing of the device with the outside world, so any design error can cause delays, increase costs, or even lead to a malfunction of the product. In this paper we describe common mistakes that we have encountered.

We were approached by a large French Telecom company that needed a technological solution to reduce re-spin rates and expedite development time. The company had heard of Cady’s automatic electrical inspection solution and started using the system. You can learn about the process in this complete case study.

Electrical schematic error checking is an important step in the design of electrical systems to ensure their functionality and safety.

There are several methods and techniques that can be employed for electrical schematic error checking, most of which are manual. In this paper we discuss current methods and techniques available.

In early 2022, an American aerospace manufacturer became an early adopter of our product. This collaboration took place approximately a year prior to the commercial release. A detailed performance analysis of the system highlighted genuine errors, identified deficiencies, and offered valuable suggestions for enhancements. 

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How does CADY tackle errors in electrical schematics?

CADY addresses the problem of commonly found errors in the electrical schematics of PCBs. It was an alum of the Intel Ignite program and its product version was launched in February 2023….

CADY’s Automatic Technology Analyzes Electronic Circuit Designs in Minutes Instead of Days to Weeks and Eliminates Human Errors

CADY’s product uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) + Computer Vision technology to replace the tedious, time consuming, manual and error-prone process…

How we founded CADY – who, what and where

I never thought that I would found a start-up. It’s not that I don’t have the entrepreneurial spirit in me (it was always burning inside)… 


Chipex 2023

May 9, 2023
Tel Aviv, Israel

Eastronics 2023

January 25,  2023

Herzlia, Israel


31 Jan. – 02 Feb. 2023

Santa Clara, USA

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November 29, 2022


November 15, 2022

Munich, Germany

INTEL Innovation

September 28, 2022

San Jose, California


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