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Let CADY oversee the technical details

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CADY Automates the tedious inspection process of electrical schematics, using AI technology.

Reduces number of re-spins

Shortens Time to Market

Improves the quality, reliability and safety of the final product


CADY automatically realizes all requirements of all electrical components in the design from their datasheets using AI technology, and cross-checks them against the design.

AI read of components datasheets

The technological core of CADY:
Innovative tailored NLP and Computer Vision algorithms read the datasheets of the components in the design

Design inspection

Detection of errors in the schematics - utilizing the datasheets information

Report generation

A multi-format, downloadable, comprehensive report


Our easy-to-use inspection has been proven effective during an extensive pilot in detecting errors in electrical schematics at an early stage of the process. In over 65% of the inspected schematics, CADY’s system detected significant errors. 86% of our users are recurring. 

Our system uses unique proprietary algorithms to automatically read and understand electrical components’ datasheets. This enables a much more comprehensive inspection compared to DRC tools. Furthermore, the inspection is fully automatic and require no manual insertion of data except for the design files. 

We cover a wide range of errors relating to issues like connection instructions, voltages, logical levels and many more.  

We are fully aware of the sensitivity of the designs. This is why we do not save any uploaded file. We designed the system with the state of the art security tools to ensure our servers are thoroughly protected. (see “Data Security” page for more details).   


Gilad Shapira

Co-Founder & CEO

Tal Ben Porath

Co-Founder & CTO

Or Shabtai

Co-Founder & Head of Research

Kobi Olin


Udi Peless

Chairman of the Board

Menachem Tziegfinger

Board Design Expert


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